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The Natasha N. Graves, MPH, MBA, CHES Scholarship


The Sick and Sexy Brand will offer one student a scholarship with a maximum amount of $1,000 per school year, depending on funds available.  The Natasha N. Graves, MPH, MBA, CHES is named after the Sick and Sexy Brand found, Natasha Graves.  Natasha first experienced symptoms of chronic illness in 2008, during the third month of her freshman year of college.  Although her symptoms continued to progress as she got older, she was able to finish her undergraduate degree and eventually pursued two masters degree.  She is very adamant about helping other students with chronic illness to reach their goals, including supporting education.  She has been teaching and helping youth for her entire life, dedicating her career to helping others.  The gift of knowledge is critical, so being able to support others with chronic illness is important to her.   Without the support of her mentors, scholarship funds, and others who have helped her along the way, Natasha wouldn't have been able to reach her goals in addition to battling her chronic illnesses.  She wants to give that support to others!


  • Any students with a chronic illness or disability
  • Enrolled as a college or graduate student (2-year College, 4-year College (University), Trade/Vocational School, Graduate Program) for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Award can be used for: tuition and related expenses, tutoring, assistive technology, internships, other disability-related expenses


  • One student maximum award: $1,000 per school year
  • Must reapply each year (does not automatically renew)
  • Download and follow instructions on application 
  • Email completed applications to: sickandsexybrand@gmail.com
  • Application deadline: August 1st