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Lessons We Can Learn From Carrie Fisher

Posted by Natasha Graves on

Lessons We Can Learn From Carrie Fisher

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” -Carrie Fisher

We all know Carrie Fisher as the trailblazing Star Wars actress who lived her entire life in the public eye.  Born into a famous family on October 21, 1956, she truly lived the Hollywood life. She built an impressive resume on and off screen, being an author and writer.

Most impressively, she had been an outspoken advocate for addiction and mental health.  She had been purposeful in her openness regarding her battles, in order to help end the social stigma surrounding alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health.  She was unashamed and empowered.  She owned who she was, embraced it, and even celebrated it.  As we all have a fight, we can learn to be open about who we are in order for others to become aware of the battles that we face and help end the stigma surround chronic illness, addiction, disability, and mental health. 

In addition to being a badass, Carrie Fisher also had a fancy for all things that sparkle, like her.  It is said that “her therapist … always knew she was having an ‘off’ time in her head depending on how much glitter she’d show up wearing to appointments. It was her way of making the world sparkle and shine even when it felt dark. It made her feel better. Evidently, she wanted to share that with others.”  She was also known to spread her sparkle to others, adorning fans with glitter at events which includes famed actress Ana Kendrick.

Here are list of lessons we can all learn from Carrie Fisher:

  1. Be your true authentic self, despite the stigma and what society believes.

  2. Speak your mind! Don't be afraid to talk about both the positive and negative aspects of your life, your chronic illness, your disability, your mental health, or your addiction.  Life is full of positive and negatives and we should support them all.
  3. Don't be afraid to being your emotional support dog with you! 
  4. Add a little humor into your life.  Laughter is sometimes the best medicine.  Or it can help break down stigma and can be a relief in some awkward moments. 
  5. You can still love yourself (and love others too)!
  6. You can have flaws and battles, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, and still be both successful and reach your goals! 

Carrie Fisher is a role model for confidence, authenticity, empowerment, activism, and transparency.  She is an inspiration and badass that is gone way to soon.  

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