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6 Items to Make Mobility and Assistive Devices Cooler

Posted by Natasha Graves on

6 Items to Make Mobility and Assistive Devices Cooler

A lot of people who need or could use mobility aids are afraid to get them, including myself.  There tends to be a lot of stigma attached to using them, both for the person involved and from the public.  However, my wheelchair has allowed me to go places and do things I never would have imagined, without my chronic illness symptoms getting worse.  

Here are some ways and products to make assistive and mobility devices a little bit more fun:

            1. photo by Vogue UKIzzy Wheels (https://www.izzywheels.com/) $162 USD
              Ireland based brand founded by a pair of sisters, Izzy Wheels, provide a number of stylish wheel covers for wheelchairs!  A number of traditional wheelchair companies already sell colorful wheelchair spoke guards. However, Izzy Wheels are less costly and designed to be interchangeable with velcro straps, to match your mood outfit!

            2. Photo by thealinker.comThe Alinker (https://www.thealinker.com/) $1,977 USD with financing available 
              The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals, designed to assist everyone to help maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of ability.  This is helpful for those who could use a wheelchair but still want to help build leg muscles, similar to a bike. 

            3. Photo by OneMobilityZippr (http://onemobility.com/) $325 USD
              Similar to the Alinker, the Zippr seated scooter allows for mobility with physical activity.  Comes in a variety of fun colors!

            4. Photo by Amazon.comCrutcheze (https://www.crutcheze.com/) $20-$30USD
              Crutcheze makes fun designed/patterned accessories for crutches and walkers including: hand grips, covers, cup holders and side bags.  It is definitely worth a look at these affordable crutch and walker items!  

            5. Photo by Amazon.comNova (https://www.novajoy.com/) $20 USD
              Nova medical products makes a variety of cup holders and flashlights that attach to canes, wheelchairs and walkers.  Now, you don't have to go anywhere without your morning coffee!

            6. Photo by Amazon.comThink King Hook (goo.gl/S7mygj) $10 USD
              This clip-less swirl hook allows you to store multiple bags on any type of bar or handle.  Items can be hooked on with one hand and the clip can hold up to 15lbs easily.  

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