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How I Feel About The Phrase "Be Positive"

Posted by Natasha Graves on

How I Feel About The Phrase "Be Positive"
I’m going to say this ONE time for all the people in the back so they can hear me loud and clear. DON’T GIVE ME THE SPEECH ABOUT POSITIVITY IN REGARDS TO CHRONIC ILLNESS.

Yes, positivity is helpful. If you’re in a negative space, your symptoms are most likely going to be worse, it may trigger mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and may lead to isolation.  When I am in a negative space, all I want to do is lay in bed and eat, which only makes all of my symptoms worse.  Smiling and laughing also releases endorphins, which helps reduce stress and produces a euphoric feeling.  I am also a huge believer of putting positive energy into the air and speaking things into existence.   

HOWEVER, positivity is not going to cure my incurable illness. Be realistic here. I have an autoimmune disease that’s progressive.  Positivity is not going to heal my damaged nerves.  Positivity is not going to make my stomach and esophagus digest any better.  Positivity is not going to help me walk down the block.  Positivity is not going to prevent me from fainting down the stairs.   

Now, I may have bad days.  I may talk about my every day symptoms.  But please, don’t mistake that for “a cloud of negativity”.  I speak on my symptoms daily, just as you speak about your kids or your job daily.  They're an every day part of my life.   

If I wasn't overall a positive person, would I have 3 degrees? Would I own a business and a house? Would I be an advocate for chronic illnesses? Would I even be alive? Nope nope nope. You will not invalidate my feelings and symptoms, or disrespect me. So please miss me with the positivity speech because I’m not here for it and have too much love for myself to even continuously entertain it.

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